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Transfiguration and Cross - Necessary for our Spiritual Growth

Today, we interrupt the long green season of the ordinary time to celebrate the event in the gospel known as the Transfiguration. In the Church’s calendar, the Transfiguration, which is always observed on August 6, is one of three feast days that take precedence over the normal Sunday observance. For the record, the other two are the Holy Name (January 1) and the Presentation (February 2). These feast days gain their significance from the fact that they commemorate events in the life of our Lord.

The cross speaks to all generations. All the failures, rejections and brokenness, all the pain of life takes on a new meaning in the light of the cross. It helps us to recognize dying and rising as a pattern in our lives. The cross will always remain first of all a symbol of suffering. The cross and transfiguration represent two different aspects of spiritual growth. The first represents the darkness that can overtake us in the course of our spiritual journey. The second, which is transfiguration, represents the moments of life and consolation that are also part of that journey.

In the gospels, cross and transfiguration are always linked. One reason for this is that they represent two different aspects of spiritual growth. The former represents the darkness and despair that often threatens to overtake us in the course of our spiritual journey, the latter the moments of light and consolation that are also a key part of that journey. When combined they remind us that growth is as much a product of suffering as it is of triumph.

To grow spiritually, light and darkness transfiguration and cross are a necessary part of that process. The time of darkness, when God seem to be absent from us, can be very painful. God leaves us to our own devices at times, and we find that our plans are getting us nowhere. We soon learn to let go of them and let God lead us in his way.

We pray that this has been one of those moments that help us to better experience the transformative power of God at work in your life.

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