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Swords Into Ploughsheds

Swords into Ploughsheds

Tomorrow states across the nation will observe Veterans’ Day (formerly Armistice Day). Those of us who grew up under the old British Empire may remember that the Sunday following November 11 was usually observed as Remembrance Sunday. It was a time when churches paused to remember those killed in the two great wars of the twentieth century: World War I and World War II. Although Remembrance Sunday is no longer observed, today is as fitting a time as any to consider the reality that we are barely into the new century and already the world finds itself at war. Added to this is the equally disturbing reality that there has been a proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. These trends do not fill us with optimism for the future of our world.


Nevertheless, as we remember the heroic sacrifice of those killed in war, we pray that the church might take seriously its responsibility to bring God’s peace into the world. “Today the scale and the horror of modern warfare make it totally unacceptable as a means of settling differences between nations. War should belong to the tragic past, to history; it should find no place on humanity’s agenda for the future.” These words were spoken by Pope John Paul II. They remain for us a reminder that an urgent challenge to the church is the rediscovery of the meaning of non-violence, not simply as a tactic and strategy of social change but as an expression of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in our time. 


With this in mind, our Church extends an invitation to all who seek the faith of Jesus Christ; to all who enjoy the fellowship of the Church; to all who desire the friendship of the family of God, with love and justice. A special welcome if you are worshipping with us for the first time or if you are returning after a long absence. We give thanks for your presence and pray that your time with us has been a blessing.

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