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Living With Mystery



There is something admirable in the innocence with which children pose theological questions. Some years ago, as I was walking back to the sacristy, little Michael came up to me. He had this anxious look on his face. It was as if he had waited all service to talk with me and was now determined to do so. Without beating around the bush, Michael posed his question: “Does God have a mother?” I explained as best I can that God is the source of all things. As I watched little Michael leave, it was obvious that nothing I had said helped to ease his curiosity. As a fellow questioner, I am proud that one so little had already began to formulate such lofty theological questions. I pray that Michael will not only remain one who questions but that his questioning will eventually lead him to God whose life remains a mystery.


Trinity Sunday is important for what it asserts about God. Trinitarian faith declares God to be a being revealed in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For Christians, belief in the Trinity is what sets us apart from other religions. This week, as I reflected on this belief in the light of my brief encounter with little Michael some years ago,  I was reminded of how futile are our human attempts to talk about God. If God could be captured in words then by definition God would no longer be God. Those ancient theologians who bequeathed us the doctrine of the Trinity understood this in a way we sometimes take for granted. They knew that they had said something ultimately important about the Christian experience of God. They also knew that God is a mystery transcending language. The human lot is not to explain but live with this mystery..


Our Church extends an invitation to all who seek the faith of Jesus Christ; to all who enjoy the fellowship of the Church; to all who desire the friendship of the family of God, with love and justice. A special welcome if you are worshipping with us for the first time or if you are returning after a long absence. We give thanks for your presence and pray that your time with us has been a blessing.


Have a Blessed Trinity Sunday!

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