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Faith of Our Fathers Living Still (Hymn 558 1982 Hymnal)

Faith of Our Father's Living Still (Hymn 558 1982 Hymnal)


The Church welcomes the season of Pentecost with tremendous joy. It was during this season that the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples transforming them into a vibrant, evangelizing community of believers. In today's Gospel Matt. 9:35-10:8 we see Jesus summoned his twelve disciples and gave them what is known as the great commission. 

Today is also Father's Day, a day whose significance hardly needs explanation. Since at least 1924 when President Coolidge supported its observance, Father's Day has been celebrated on the Third Sunday of June. Its liturgical popularity has a lot to do with the opportunity it provides to honor our fathers and reinforce the importance of home and family life.

Although on the surface it might appear that the season of Pentecost and Father's Day are completely unrelated observances, both have a connecting theme in the experience of giving birth. In the descent of the Holy Spirit God gives birth to a whole new way of being in the world, which is why Christians look back to Pentecost as the birthday of the Church. Of course, birthing is fundamental to fatherhood. In celebrating Father's Day we give thanks to God for our fathers and the pivotal role they have played in making us who we are. We give thanks also for the new birth that is ours through God's gift of the Holy Spirit. 

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